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TEMEX-CERAMICS: "your advanced microwave component & application-specific solutions for tomorrow’s technologies"


Temex-ceramics is a leading worldwide Company recognized for the development, manufacturing, sale of a wide range of RF and Microwave passive components designed for applications in most leading professional markets: Radiocommunication, Medical, Industrial, Military and Space industries, for which performance, reliability and cost are essential requirements.

Temex-Ceramics started its activities in 1971 in Pessac (outskirts of Bordeaux/France) with the manufacturing of trimmer capacitor, tuning elements and ceramic multilayer capacitors. Externally acquired ferrite and dielectric materials arrived in 1988 in Pessac.

For the past 35 years, Temex-Ceramics has consolidated and strengthened its position as market leader, expanding its product ranges in the three Business lines:

  • - Ceramic multilayer Capacitors (RF & Microwave, High voltage, High capacitance values, high
    temperature applications).
  • - Air, ceramic,Sapphire dielectric trimmer capacitors and tuning elements for cavity filters
  • - Ferrite, dielectric resonators
  • Our Know-How
  • - Home made ceramic dielectric and ferrite material composition
  • - Micromechanics
  • - Ceramic–metal interfaces
  • - Microwave measurements

To remain independent and to maintain its key and competitive advantages on the market, Temex-Ceramics is developing its own ceramic composition starting from multi-sourced raw materials (Titanates, Oxydes) and is managing all process operations by optimizing and fine-tuning component performances to respond to its customers' requests.



Temex-Ceramics' growth is based on permanent matching of market demands and customer requests, for specific applications /basic components and their expected performances. Temex-Ceramics is generally involved at the earliest step of the design phase with its customers: helping both parties choose a technical, cost-efficient solution. Listening to each other is the way to developing long-term relationships and to building mutual confidence. This is achieved through the technical knowledge and high competence of the teams: Research & development, Business Development, Quality, Production.

LISTENING, SERVICING, REACTING AND MEETING OUR ENGAGEMENTS is our policy in a complex market in constantly on the move.



The "Customer satisfaction" is more than a rule, it is a "Company culture".


Delivering a reliable product within specifications, on time and at a reasonable price is simply natural and we are constantly endeavouring to go beyond pro-activeness, in implementing our main rule: respect commitments.

We ensure the respect of our commitments through our charter, issued by Quality-Customer satisfaction department.

Our Quality system is based on setting and implementing the ISO9001 Version 2000 with a spirit of “permanent improvement“ .

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards, obtained respectively in 1992 and 1999 and several times renewed bear witness to our forerunning spirit in the area of “Quality Management”, which involves ALL of those who work for Temex – Ceramics.

Our will to develop a partnership spirit with our customers is strongly backed by the implementation and the management of our internal policy, an excellent, efficient tool called “Management of Customer satisfaction”.

As our processes and our “know-how” involve essentially complex physical and chemical treatments using delicate materials, we have appointed a Quality engineer totally dedicated to this mission and in charge of integrating the “total quality” concept from the earliest step of product design.



Temex-Ceramics has deployed a sales force all over the world by means of direct Sales engineers (Phoenix-AZ for the USA & Canada - Munich for Germany - London for UK - Bordeaux - Brussels for France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) and an efficient representative /distributors network for other countries (Italy, Spain, Israel, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Korea, India and rest of the world).


A "customer service" located in our headquarters in Pessac (near Bordeaux) answers in French, English, German, Italian and Chinese to our network and customers.

A team of “business development engineers” specially dedicated to a business line (Ceramic capacitors, Trimmer and tuning, material and dielectric) provides worldwide support to the sales force for their activities.

A special department is in charge of liaising between OEM-CEM-EMS to ensure the best worldwide coordination.




Mobile infrastructure

  1. Power amplifiers (GSM-PCN-WCDMA-WiMax-WiBroadband –UMTS-PMR …)
  2. Radio links filters
  3. Wireless - Point to point –Point to multipoint liaisons.Optic fiber transmissions
  4. Isolators and circulators

Radio and television broadcast (Audio –video ) – CATV




Non-magnetic components for NMR – MRI

Power supply for X-Ray scanners



Professional applications dealing with:

  1. Oil drilling applications
  2. Industrial RF heating
  3. Power amplifiers for plasma generators
  4. Anti-collision radar
  5. Railways applications (Automatic train control systems)
  6. Security – Home appliances
  7. Power line communication
  8. Car and domestic alarms
  9. Telemetry
  10. Security (home appliances and airport control)


Military and Space

  1. Radar (airport –battlefield-airborne applications )
  2. Tactical radios
  3. Power supplies Missiles
  4. Night vision systems
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We are pleased to announce that the EXXELIA Group acquired Temex Ceramics. Temex Ceramics will strengthens Exxelia's product range, especially in ceramic capacitors. This new alliance will accelerate the industrial and commercial growth of Exxelia and Temex Ceramics.
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Temex Ceramics offers "RoHS" compliance on most of its product range.